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Dr Mark David Chapman
Clinical Neurodevelopmental Psychologist

Dr. Mark David Chapman

Lead Neurodevelopmental Clinical Psychologist (NHS) 2014 -2019
Specialising in Autism Assessments, ADHD, Learning Disabilities & Mental Health
Challenging and Complex Behaviour.
HCPC Reg. No: PYL 0
HPCSA. No: PS 0057592


Personal Profile:

Member of the Healthcare Leadership Model, 2020.
Experienced Healthcare professional and published author. Specializing in providing a high level of clinical best practice with extensive transferable skills in teaching CYP IAPT methodology & Leading on Neurodevelopmental Assessments.
A proactive and pragmatic leader / team player able to educate, encourage, inspire, and manage individuals within a team to successfully deliver excellent results. Able to work with innovation and resourcefulness.
Service orientated professional who has wide-ranging communication and negotiation skills, with a proven ability to seize opportunities, whilst building rapport, trust, empathy and mutual respect at all levels.

Career Summary:

Inspiring shared purpose, leading with care, evaluating information, connecting the service, sharing vision, engaging teams, holding to account, developing capability, influencing for results within the NHS Leadership Academy framework,
Assessing and treating clients across the full range of care settings within CAMHS.
Training psychology graduates on core & specialist placements from the University of Surrey.
Assessor for the Mini-Pat assessment of Trainees for The Royal College of Psychiatrists.
Collaborating with the local education authority and social services teams.
Lead psychologist in functional analysis interventions behavioural support plans for mild, moderate and severe learning disabilities, outcomes and treatment protocols.
Assessment, behavioural management & treatment for all levels of autistic spectrum Disorder & supporting those living with social communication disorders.
ADOS, 3DI and ADI-R trained.
ADHD assessments and treatment.
Implementation of ASD and ADHD post diagnostic group interventions for families.
Formulating and implementing plans for the formal psychological treatment and/or management of an individual’s mental health problems.

Information Governance and Diversity: Lead for Southwest London & St Georges NHS Trust.
Implementing a range of psychological interventions for individuals and groups within and across teams such as CBT, parent focused and learning disability support groups.
Evaluating and making decisions regarding treatment options considering both theoretical and therapeutic models and highly complex factors concerning historical and developmental

Key Achievements 2000 - 2021:

  • Knowledge and expertise. Clinical Psychology experience (NHS) qualified CYP IAPT CBT Post Graduated Diploma Professional.

  • Inspiring shared purpose, leading with care, evaluating information, connecting the service, sharing vision, engaging teams, holding to account, developing capability, influencing for results within the NHS Leadership Academy framework

  • Lead Neurodevelopmental Psychologist (NHS).

  • Lead clinician Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

  • IT skills. Advanced IT Data Management skill set. Able to capture / CYP IAPT data through graph analysis and the promotion of data completeness in relation to outcome measures using NHS clinical records systems such as RIO, IAPT us and Commit database systems.

  • Clinical governance / Best practice. NHS frameworks, policy, and governance. Ensuring that CYP IAPT guidelines adhered to and compliant with minimum data set outcomes in CAMHS.

  • Project Management. Carrying out complex audits, to develop a high quality of service provision in accordance with service aims & CYP IAPT.

  • Leadership and teamwork. Data management & CYP IAPT lead for Sutton and Merton CYP IAPT submitting quarterly reports to CORC (CAMHS Outcome Research Consortium and Department of Health. Supervising assistant psychologists CYP IAPT methodology.

  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills. Maintaining close relationships with Evidence Based Practice Unit (CORC) project leads (UCL / Anna Freud Centre) for CYP IAPT and other IAPT service in the Borough commissioned by NHS England.

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